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Our Expertise

The major areas of expertise applicable to medicinal chemistry and early drug discovery are:
  • Lead identification, including HTS follow-up
  • Hit-to-Lead medicinal chemistry
  • Lead optimization chemistry
  • Structure based drug design and computational chemistry
  • Prodrug design and prodrug strategies
  • ADME and safety guidance during lead optimization
  • Patent assessments and evaluations of drug discovery projects


Hans Maag, PhD

Hans received his education in chemistry at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in his native Switzerland. Following graduate studies on the total synthesis of Vitamin B12 in the group of Albert Eschenmoser at ETH, he conducted synthetic studies on fusidic acid as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Robert E. Ireland at CalTech. He started his industrial career at Hoffmann-LaRoche Inc. in Nutley, NJ, working as a medicinal chemist in the field of antibiotics and prostacyclins. In 1985, he moved to Syntex in Palo Alto, CA, and research on antiviral agents with a focus on anti-HIV agents. This effort expanded to prodrugs of Ganciclovir leading to the discovery and clinical development of Valganciclovir (ValcyteTM).

With the purchase of Syntex by Roche in 1995, his managerial responsibilities increased, leading to the position of VP, Chemistry, in 2001; a position he held until his retirement from Roche in June 2010. At Roche Palo Alto, he led many project teams, from early lead identification to preclinical (pre-IND) development and was involved in several therapeutic areas: CNS, immune suppression, bronchopulmonary, and genitourinary diseases as well as a renewed effort in virology. He managed outside collaborations in parallel synthesis as well as drug discovery projects with Memory Pharmaceuticals and with InterMune. Within Roche, he led a global task force on lead generation and had responsibility for the computational chemistry group in Palo Alto.

Currently, Hans is a consultant to a number of biotech companies as well as two patent law firms.

Selected Publications and Patents


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Hans Maag, PhD